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Sample Scene from Gift of Blood: Chocolate and Strawberries

Long time no see! I've missed hearing from all of you while I was out in New Orleans researching book two of The Gift Series, title TBD. As I tie up the travel journal for that trip, I thought it might be fun to post a little steamy teaser from book one, GIFT OF BLOOD. Enjoy!

Best Regards,
VK Tremain

**Disclaimer, the sample below contains adult content**

“What would you like to drink? More wine, or something else?” Trevor asked, playing the part of genial host to a tee.
Kate smiled and brushed a stray lock of her long, dark hair behind her ear. “Wine sounds good. Do you want me to help with anything?”           
“Nope. You just sit back and relax. In fact, why don’t you go grab a seat in the living room and I’ll be right in.”
Kate wandered back into the room they had passed through earlier, and then noticed the picture frames littering the walls and bookshelves. Trevor was definitely a family man. She glanced at what she assumed was his brother by way they both looked to the photographer with twin devil-may-care expressions and identical wind tousled brown hair. Her eyes scanned over to another frame on the wall. The subject was a younger Trevor with men and women about his age on a beach barbequing and playing in the surf. Friends, or siblings, she wondered? Her attention gravitated to the bookshelf where she spotted more random pictures. One, in particular, caught her attention. In it, Trevor laughed and played with a huge, loppy-tongued Labrador. She picked it up from the shelf and brushed her thumb across the glass surface, which cleared a line through the dust. The action made Trevor’s smiling face stand out vivid and more intense in the photo. It warmed her that the hard-edged man she had only just met was actually incredibly sentimental. His home was where he let out his softness, and it only made him seem stronger and sexier to her. She understood and respected those qualities in him. Family was important to her, and the woman in her was pleased they shared similar values.
“So I see you met my relatives?” Trevor laughed nervously, “They aren’t as mean as they look in pictures.”
Kate looked up from the picture to see Trevor watching her from the doorway. “No, they’re sweet. They look…really nice.” She gently put the frame she held back on the shelf, careful to place it over the clean, dust-free line where it sat before she had moved it. 
“You weren’t kidding about dessert. I thought that was just a line.” Kate’s eyes lit up when she saw the load in Trevor’s arms.
Trevor smiled, “I never kid about dessert.” He came fully into the room revealing the tray of chocolate covered strawberries in his arms. He crossed over to a seating area, and placed the tray on the coffee table.
“Come. Sit.” He stood and waited for her.
Kate’s stomach flip-flopped when he smiled, and she wondered for the hundredth time that evening if she was in over her head. Nevertheless she went to him. She stopped just a hairs breath away, close enough to smell his aftershave, and to feel the warmth emanating off of his body. She tipped her head back and looked up at him. Dessert could wait.
As if he could read her mind, he took hold of her hand, and pulled her with him to the sofa where as they sunk together into the soft leather. She drew in a shaky breath, eager for what would come next. Every nerve in her body seemed to be awakening at once. Trevor’s green eyes mesmerized her, and the corners crinkled as he slipped something in her hand. A glass of wine.
Jesus! She felt like a teenager at prom. Focus, Kate! She regrouped. Her fingers tightened around the stem of the glass, and she lifted it to her lips for a sip. She wasn’t by any means inexperienced, so why the hell was her body acting like it now? She had to get a hold of herself, and take the figurative ball back to her court. The problem was, even though she had the best intentions of maintaining control, the man was just too damn sexy.
Trevor continued to regard her as he lifted his glass and swallowed what could only be considered a gulp. Good. She was glad to know he was just as effected by her. A little more confident, she shot a coy smile over her glass rim, and then looked down into it’s swirling contents. She watched him reach over and pick up a little remote. With a flick of his wrist, the fireplace burst to life.
Kate arched a brow and said, “I pegged you for the manly build-the-fire-yourself sort.”
Nonchalantly, he shrugged. “This is the only way to go. Just push the button, and insta-fire. But, yea, I miss the old fashion ones. There’s nothing like the sound of a crackling fire, and the smell of wood-smoke in the air.”
Kate’s stared into the fire sipping at her wine for a bit before her attention diverted to a large gold gilded frame hanging above the fireplace. The attractive, older couple in the portrait looked at each other with a love and passion that was rare these days. Trevor looked a bit like each of them.
 “That one is my Mom and Dad on their boat back home. That picture was taken just outside Boston.”
Her focus snapped back to the man at her side. “Is that where you’re from? I thought I picked up a Boston accent.”
Trevor chuckled a little, “I’m from the Cape actually, not Boston, but that’s close enough for a West-Coaster.” He teased. “All of my family is still out that way. I try to get there to visit whenever I can.”
Kate noticed the way his eyes lit up when he spoke of his family, and she was pleased that he was comfortable talking to her about them. It made their situation feel deeper than what it was bound to be. She’d seen a similar glint in them when she met him out at the dig site. They tended to flicker like that when he found something that excited or interested him.
 “How about you, always been a California girl?” Trevor gave her one of his devastating smiles.
“Yup, born and raised.” Kate enjoyed the way the wine trailed heat through her belly, so when he took her glass and began to refill, she made no protest. “I grew up just outside Sacramento. I ended up going to college out in the Bay area, and after I graduated I was lucky enough to land my job at the auction house.” Trevor smiled and pressed the glass back into her hand. She sighed and leaned back into the sofa cushion. “But I love to travel, and as much as I love it back home.” She twirled the glass watching the way the legs crept up the small bowl before sloshing back down. “I’m not opposed to moving, it’s just never happened.” Kate realized she was rambling a bit, so she casually leaned in, and took a strawberry before passing the subject back over to him.
“You must miss the coast. There’s a lack of salt water around here I’ve noticed.”
Trevor nodded his head in amusement, “Yeah, being surrounded by the desert can do that. I do miss home. I miss being out on the Bay. I miss the smell of the ocean, being on the boat, and the lobster.” He groaned, “God, I miss the lobster.”
“Hmm,” Kate reflected. “That does sound good. I’ve always wanted to go, but then, there aren’t too many places off my travel list.”
“You’d like it there. We should go sometime.”
Kate let out a loud laugh, “Sure, why not? Let’s go now. I’m in the mood for some good lobster and a night sail.”
Trevor set his wine down on the table, and appraised her, his eyes smoldered. “Alright, let me pack a few things, we can run by your hotel and grab your bags. Seems like a shame we’ll have to waste these chocolate strawberries, but hell, who cares?”
Kate looked over at him to see if he was joking, but his expression didn’t falter. “You aren’t serious.”
“Yeah, come on. Let’s go tonight.” Trevor sat up, removed her half empty glass from her fingers, and placed it on the table next to his. Deliberately, he leaned in towards her, and slid his arm around her waist. One brow raised in challenge. “Let’s live a little.”
With his free hand, he reached over and picked up one of the strawberries from the tray, leisurely biting into it as he waited for her to reply. The hand at her back gently traced the fine bones of her shoulder blades. She fought the urge to squirm as his hand slid up to the base of her neck. She swallowed, anticipating, as his calloused fingers tucked an errant curl behind her ear exposing her neckline.
Kate sat transfixed by his every move. A droplet of strawberry juice had escaped the corner of his mouth, and was making its way down along the sharp plane of his bottom lip. Her tongue darted out and licked her lips. She wanted to lick his lips, but was afraid to be the one to make the first move. Frustrated by his nearness, she wiggled back into the sofa. Her whole body strained against the urge to press closer to him, all the while, Trevor’s fingers continued to stroke the sensitive skin at the base of her neck. It was impossible for her to concentrate.
She couldn’t quite figure out if Trevor was coming on to her or not. On the surface, the wine and the strawberries made it look pretty obvious, but then again, he could just be one of those sensitive, modern new-age guys. She could potentially commit career suicide if she let herself give into her instincts to jump him. Instead, she chose to play it save and sat there like a lump. She pushed away from him into the sofa cushion, awkward and uncertain of her next move. Ineloquently she replied, “Uh… well, we can’t just go off to the East Coast. And I…”
“I’m teasing, Kate.” He chuckled as he reached out for another strawberry. “But, someday I’ll take you. For now though, how about we settle for some wine and chocolate.”
Kate released the tense breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding and gave him an irritated look.
Trevor grinned and placed the berry up to her lips. “There’s other ways to live, and I feel pretty damn good right now, being here with you.” He pushed the strawberry against her stubborn lips, as he continued to hold the back of her head
“Bite, Kate.”
Intentions had been clarified; he was definitely interested in more than just work. His little game had confused her at first, but now that she understood the rules, she was ready to play. It was her turn to tease now. She opened her mouth tenderly, sucking the berry in with her tongue, slipping and tasting before allowing her teeth to sink in. Her taste buds exploded. She savored the contrast between the tart and sweet flavors of the fruit. Their tension had been building since she laid eyes on him a few days ago, and she hadn’t had this much fun in a very long time. She felt sexy.
Her eyes closed, and she tipped her head back in exaggerated delight, “Oh god. That’s good.”
When she opened her eyes, she saw Trevor’s were fixed on her with a carnal gaze. His grip on the back of her neck loosened, and he shifted his hand up to burry his fingers in her hair.
Kate’s breath hitched. He handled her rough, which excited her, since somehow she knew he would never intentionally hurt her. He pulled her face closer, and tingles rippled down her spine to settle in the pit of her stomach. “Ahhhmm…”
             “Baby, you’re killing me right now.” Trevor’s voice came out deep and gravely. “I’ve been wanting to do this all day.” He leaned down and pressed his lips tentatively to hers. One kiss turned into two, then three… They were tempting little kisses that searched to see if she would want the same.
Kate responded, hesitant at first, it felt strange to be kissing so soon after having made the decision to leave Mark. She felt liberated though, and a renewed confidence spread through her. The raw magnetism that had been drawing her closer to Trevor had pushed aside any doubts, and instinct blindly took over. She never experienced this level of infatuation before with anyone else. Every one of her senses seemed heightened, and she hadn’t realized what she’d missed out on until now. It was almost as if something inside her came to life for the first time just by being in Trevor’s presence. The trip to Arizona had transformed her from someone who accepted her mundane life, into a woman who saw what she wanted and went for it. She was amazed at the change in her and a little heady from her newfound power.
Their mouths continued to move together slowly. When she felt his tongue probe against her lips she opened to him, and he gently came into her. She was lost to the sensations around her. Every taste, touch, and smell was in Technicolor. The sugary flavor of the chocolate strawberries lingered between them as their kisses accelerated from slow and explorative, to urgent and demanding. Her hands smoothed across his thin merino wool sweater, and underneath she felt the hard, toned ridges of muscle earned from working outside on his archeological digs and gym regiment. She yearned for more, her hand moved of its own volition down across his abdomen where it paused on the flat plane just above his pants. A couple of fingers slipped inside his waistband, anxious to make contact with the heat of skin. While her one hand probed his waistband, her other caressed higher across his broad shoulders, gliding up his neck until it seated itself into his thick, cropped hair. His hands stroked down her back in response. Sensations pulsated through her body and took control. Her breasts pressed forward into him, seeking his touch. The movement positioned her so that she was somewhat reclined against the sofa cushion, her body presented in a way that opened her to his administrations. His fingers gripped her hips forcefully, and the next thing she knew she was pulled down before him like an offering. Trevor’s eyes held a mischievous grin just as he slid his hands behind her and grabbed her ass, and pulled her even closer. Once he had her where he wanted, his head bent and his lips located the pulse point of her neck. Kate tilted her neck to the side, allowing him better access so he could lick, suck, bite, or whatever else he desired. A breathless little moan escaped her when his tongue tasted its way up to the spot just under her ear. Her back instinctively arched against his toned chest, her nipples puckered and rubbed underneath her clothing in that good, sort-of-painful way, when he found that spot that made her want only one thing, him.
Kate was completely lost in the connection they shared. Any rational thought was overshadowed by red-hot passion. Throughout her life, she had always been an extremely sensual woman, in tune with her body’s wanted and needs. Right now, all she craved was Trevor.             
Trevor continued to taste her as his hands fiddled with the ties of her wrap-sweater. He grew frustrated with the knot, and growled into her mouth when he met resistance. Kate pushed herself up into a sitting position and took control of the pesky knot, their lips still locked and moving together. Once the ties finally released, she wasted no time. With her arms freed, she tossed the garment aside. Wearing only her bra, she brought her hands to the bottom edge of his sweater, but his hands quickly manacled her wrists.
“No. Let me just look at you for a moment, Baby.”
She could feel the desire from his gaze burning through her. Her dark hair fanned across her shoulders, trailing over her breasts, where her nipples tempted him in a game of peek-a-boo under the black lace that concealed them. The way his eyes feasted on her made her feel beautiful, but she still wanted to see more of him.
Kate pouted, “This is hardly fair. I need to see you.”
Trevor chuckled and let go of her hands, which allowed her to pull his sweater up. She had difficulty pulling it over his head and he quickly took over. The sweater was ruthlessly thrown to the floor next to Kate’s. Without hesitation, Kate delved in, learning and caressing his body.
 “God Kate, you look so sexy. You’re so soft and…” He uttered in an uneven voice as his mouth crushed over hers again. “Mmm, you taste so good.”
 She struggled against his weight to sit up fully. She wanted to be in control, and to have him at her mercy. She placed her hands at his shoulders, and began to push him back against the sofa cushion where she would be at a better vantage to move things along faster. Trevor, however, had other things in mind, and at the last minute he twisted so that she lay under him again, utterly at his mercy.
 Kate purred at his show of dominance. Strong hands moved to her breasts, and he squeezed and pushed them together. His mouth followed the path of his hands, and he kissed a trail down her neck, where he paused and spent time on her cleavage. Teeth gently scraped over her and his mouth moved to bite one of her nipples through the lace. A shock of pleasure vibrated through her body. Bliss quickly overwhelmed her; she hadn’t felt this turned on in so long.
One of his hands moved behind her, and when Kate realized he was moving to her bra clasp, she arched for him. He unfastened the hooks with an expertise she wondered at, and then he threw the lingerie to the side. Cool air touched her nipples, and she writhed into the smooth leather at her back. Her body ached for his touch, and he answered its call. His mouth explored her. His tongue ran circles across and around her hard nipples, where he flicked and teased, over and over again. Her head spun. She was going to explode from all the pent up energy that built inside her. She needed to feel his skin against hers. Her hands ran down his back, and she grabbed his ass. With a pull, she had him crashing down onto her. Her legs wrapped around him and flexed until she felt his erection against her core. He lifted his head for breath and grumbled, “Awe hell Kate…”
She tipped her head forward and returned the assault on him. Her tongue flicked out and laved the nipple that hovered above her. She heard his quick indrawn breath, which encouraged her further. Her teeth tenderly clamped onto the bud and she pulled him into her mouth before letting go to sooth the hurt with a lick. When she felt him tremble, she knew he was fighting to not loose control. Trevor bent and slid his hand between her breasts, down her stomach, and trailed to the top of her pants where it stopped. With a flick of his fingers, he had the fly splayed open and his hand slipped inside over her lace panties. That was exactly what her body needed and craved from him. Her hips responded as they rose to meet his hand. She was so strung out and in need of release that she had become frantic.
A deep rumble of satisfaction emanated from deep in Trevor’s throat as his hand continued to move over her. His mouth scorched lower, and he kissed a slippery trail across her belly until. His lips met the edge of her jeans. When he moved to push the offending garment out of his way, Kate began to wiggle in an attempt to help him to get to her. Her hips bucked beneath him, but her frantic movements skid to a halt when his tongue slid across the sensitive area at her hipbone, and he suckled. The man was pure sin, teasing her like that. She felt his warm breath move across her pelvis, as his fingers continued to explore over the top of her panties. It was impossible to concentrate on anything as his fingers played across the lace directly over her clit. He drove her mad as he pinched, squeezed, stroked and pleasured her. He sent her deeper into an inferno, and his touch made her thirst for more. Almost as if he had read her thoughts, his stokes paused and his fingers edged beneath the lace of her panties and he pulled. A ripping sound rent through the air. She didn’t even care that he had just shredded her new thong; her only concern was his next touch. With the lace out of his way, she felt a finger slip across and through her highly sensitized labia. Her legs widened of their own accord and opened to him. Her primal communication was understood as his finger flicked over the nub at her center, playing a bit before moving down where it slipped and seated itself deep into her warmth. She sucked in a breath at the invasion, and rocked her hips in an effort to push him deeper.
She heard him groan and then a chuckle as he added a second finger. She felt herself fill and stretch around him. He surprised her as he plunged his fingers even deeper. She clutched at the delicate leather upholstery under her with one hand, while the other clung to his bicep as she prepared to ride out the wave building inside her. Unable to articulate her needs, Kate just whimpered in bliss as his hand pumped her.
“Baby, you’re so wet. You’re too damn good.” Kate was quickly loosing control as ecstasy began to take control. Just as her nerve endings were about to give in, Trevor’s touch ceased. Kate groaned when he removed his fingers, and she thrust her hips up to encourage him back. He took that moment to hook each of his thumbs into the belt loops either side of her hips, and in one swift movement, he tugged them down around her knees. He was right, she thought, her pants had needed to go…


  1. Awesome. Great writing. Now I need some man candy.

  2. This was quite well-written! Not as much tension as I would normally prefer in my fiction but the kind of date I'd love to have in real life!

  3. Wow! Can't believe you left me hanging. :-) I cannot wait for your book. Holy moly

  4. Thanks everyone. I can honestly say that there is some intense tension in other areas of the book, this is one of the sweeter moments. :) It's a blend of thriller, romance, and paranormal. There's some humor in areas as well. But there are also some very dark moments. This balances out some of those scenes.

  5. I read this at work...I had to step out.

    Very seductive VK. Taut and exciting but with a subtlty that hooks you with you realizing you've been hooked.

    And yeah...way to finish it you ;-)

  6. I saw some of these comments befoer I read the teaser, so I knew you were going to leave me hanging. In a way knowing it created even more tension. Very nice job. Thank god I knew before I got to the end what you wicked girls were going to do. lol

  7. We can't reveal all the secrets now, can we? It was difficult to pick a scene that wouldn't give anything away in the plot. There will be one or two other samples coming as we edit, and they will be of a completely different nature so you'll get a different flavor.

  8. Dean, your comment cracks me up. :) Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

  9. This is wonderful, VK. I love all the description. You're a tease though! Big ole mean tease. ;)

  10. That was fantastic...and sinful!!! You were not kidding when you said it was a teaser;) Way to go can anyone resist a book that contains such a scene?

  11. Thanks, C.G. and everyone for the great comments! These scenes can be tricky sometimes. You hope that they come across with the right blend to connect with the reader on all levels...looks like you all enjoyed it! lol

  12. okay so I finally got some time to read it. I am guilty of reading the comments first too lol I actually really like this scene even tho it was focused more on the 'getting busy' lol, but you managed to add quite a bit of character development for both of them, specially Trevor. Glad I read it, can't wait for more

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